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FORTO is a brand established in 1996, which combines four subsidiaries in distribution of orthopedic materials and products. In 1993 in Italy based company Euroex S.r.l., which started its export activity of orthopedic products to Hungary. The need to better serve their clients and accelerate services founded in 1996, its first own store with orthopedic products in the Hungarian market, the firm FORTO Kft.

Meanwhile Euroex S.r.l. continues to distribute materials to other European countries, and in 1998 opened the second distribution warehouse, this time designed for the Czech market. It is based firm FORTO s.r.o., which in a short time became an important center of the distribution of orthopedic materials in the Czech Republic. For the same reasons, in 1999, founded the company FORTO SK s.r.o. the provision of direct distribution in the Slovak market, which, although smaller in comparison with the previous, seems no less interesting.

Together, these firms form the FORTO GROUP. It is a consolidated and growing group. Direct export of our products reaches to countries such as Germany, Austria, Poland, Turkey, Romania and other neighboring states.

The strength of our group is in the provision of services at a high level and in the selection of quality materials. Manufacturers who work exclusively for our group, are all certified and follow the directives of the European Economic Union and modern quality standards.